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Note: Im currently not taking on any new coaching clients 

Do you find yourself craving

+ Weight loss    + Sugar      +Coffee      + Alcohol       + Love       + Confidence     + LIFE

Do you find yourself wanting

Confidence   Weight loss   More energy    Creative juices to flow freely

Time to fit everything in     +  Love, adventure, bliss, happiness, health, abundance and more.

Do you find yourself thinking?

Why am I so tired?

Should I be dairy free? Gluten free? Vegan? Raw till 4? Paleo? Ahhhh!2

+  I need to stop drinking so much.

+  How can I say no without getting FOMO?

+  Why are there not more hours in the day?

+  Yuck, is that what I look like in these jeans?

+  Argh! How come I can’t lose weight?

+  I’m not pretty/skinny/successful/rich/confident enough.

+  I’ll start tomorrow…

I help gorgeous girls, wonderful women and lovely ladies just like you to kick arse at this life.


Here are some of the things I focus on with the gorgeous woman I coach

+ Introducing and eliminating foods from your diet to work out what works best for you.1
Cravings and how to overcome them.
Setting up an exercise routine that works for you.
How to get rid of feeling bloated and tried.
Improving your energy levels so you’re rearing to go and no longer hit that afternoon slump.
Gaining confidence in yourself.
Improving your relationship with your body.
+ Vison boarding.
Healthy alternatives to not so healthy foods.
How to use food to get clear skin, long hair and strong finger nails.
The importance of a self care routine and how to create one that works perfectly for you.
Stoping the crazy fad diets and going back to the basics – eating whole foods to nourish your body.
Reflecting on all areas of your life and coming up with an action plan to improve the areas you feel need some extra TLC.
Getting your creative juices flowing.
Giving gentle nudges of encouragement to get you out of your comfort zone and achieving those goals you’ve been letting fear get in the way of.
The importance of having a positive mindset and how to get one!
Creating healthy, happy habits that are easy to maintain long after we’ve finished working together.


2You may be asking yourself “Is she the coach for me?”

Well let me say this, I am not the coach for you if:

You want someone to do all the work for you.

You want a ‘quick fix’.

You’re not fully, 100% committed to taking on board advice and trying new things.

You want to count calories.

You don’t like puppies (haha kidding, but seriously…who doesn’t like puppies?)

I am totally, 110% your coach if you:

+ Are ready to live a healthy, happy life full of confidence, creativity and purpose.

+ Are commit to making it work.

Have a sense of humour and love to laugh.

Are ready to truly transform your life.


The Deets

Fortnightly 45 minute Skype calls or in person sessions (if you’re in Dunedin).

Unlimited email support between sessions for those times when you need extra support or when you’re dying to share a win!

Optional pre-session questionnaires before each session to get crystal clear on what’s working and what you’d like to focus on next session.

Handouts, worksheets, recipes, book recommendations and more help info.

Your fortnightly focus goals emailed to you straight after each session.

The Cost

6 weeks (3 sessions) ~ $299 + your commitment and dedication!

3 months (6 sessions) ~ $500 + your commitment, dedication and dedication!

Email me sarah@sarahpots.com to book in for your free, not strings attached ‘get to know each other’ chat. Let’s see if we’re a good match! Can’t wait to hear from you. 

If you’re not quite ready to commit to coaching with me, that’s all good! You might like to sign up to my newsletter below where you will get lots of helpful inspiration and advice on living a healthy, happy life. You’ll also get a free copy of my ebook A Guide to Help You Life A Life of Health and Happiness. (click on the picture below)

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