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A few years ago I thought that buying muesli bars from the supermarket was a healthy option for morning tea. Now I know better – sometimes they have just as much sugar in them as a chocolate bar! This muesli bar recipe has been adapted from my good friend Kim’s new recipe book – Burst of Breaky.


Green Goodness Smoothie

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This smoothie is pretty much a salad in liquid form with some added extras. The thought of eating a big salad of greens for breakfast is the last thing I feel like doing each morning. But blending them all up in a blender and drinking them as a smoothie is so refreshing and a great way to start the day 🙂  (more…)


Caramel Smoothie4

This creamy smoothie tastes just like a caramel smoothie from the corner shop! It is dairy and refined sugar free and filled with good fats (thanks nuts) and fibre, magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids (thanks chia seeds). (more…)


ChocM Smoothie12Who would have thought that a chocolate mousse smoothie could be so sweet and chocolatey, yet good for you?! This smoothie has good fats from avocado and nuts. Fibre, magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids from chia seeds. Antioxidants and fibre from cacao powder and cacao nibs AND is sweetened with pure maple sugar, making it refined sugar free. So go crazy! (more…)


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I love anything chocolatey and anything caramel. So these wee tarts, which include both those flavours would defiantly be in my top 5 treats of all time! These tarts have an oaty base, with a creamy, gooey carmel centre.  They are refined sugar free, dairy free and can be gluten free if you replace with oats with more almond meal.



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These yummy wee crackles are processed sugar free so you can eat them as a treat without feeling one bit guilty! I like to make a batch and keep them in the freeze for when that chocolate craving hits!

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