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Lemon, Chilli + Coriander Fish

I’ve been trying to add more fish into our diet because it’s just so darn good for you! It’s full of protein and a really good source of omega 3 fatty acids which are important for our body and brain. Callum loves Blue Cod and refuses to eat cheaper varieties of fish. I used to buy Red Cod (it’s much cheaper) but he would ALWAYS know the difference! So i’ve given up trying to trick him and just splash out on Blue Cod once a week.



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Packaged stir fry sauces are convenient and make cooking after work seem easy, but they are also usually full of sugar, salt, preservatives and additives. Here is a quick and easy stir fry sauce you can make at home.  (more…)



One off the main reasons I choose to have chickpeas in 10 Weeks of Wellness was so that I could share my falafel recipe! I have tried many falafel recipes over the last year and now I just make up my own depending on what I have at home. This one was particularly delicious so I made sure I wrote down the recipe as soon as I had finished eating them!  (more…)


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These yummy, scrummy stuffed peppers are prefect to take for lunch or to have with dinner. I find adding brown rice to them bulks them up and keeps me fuller for longer. You can get creative and put anything you like in them (meat, herbs, veggies). They are great for using up those veggies that are starting to wilt in the fridge. (more…)


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Chicken curry was one of the first meals I ever cooked.

When I was 11 my parents decided to take their young family on an adventure – we lived on yacht and sailed around the South Pacific for two years. During this time it fell on my mum to educate us (with the help of the NZ correspondence school). It was through the correspondence school that I got given a recipe for Thai chicken curry. I have no idea what we were learning about (I think it must have been in social studies), all I remember is making this curry, and continuing to make it for the next 16 years! Then last week I added something to the curry that took it to a whole new level! I’m not kidding, it made the curry so good that I had to text several friends, ring my mum AND Callum’s mum just to tell them how amazing it was!



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I’m not really sure where the idea for making these homemade chicken nuggets came from…
I got home from work and had two chicken breasts in the fridge so thought i’d crumb them whole and bake them. Then without thinking I started cutting the chicken into pieces and these truly delicious morsels were created! I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is the best meal i’ve made in weeks!



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Last week I went to 3 supermarkets trying to find wholemeal burger buns, but it just wasn’t happening! So I decided to improvise and use portobello mushrooms as the buns! It was deeelish-eeee-mo!


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